Good Investments for Tomorrow, LLC was developed with drive, ambition and a team of know-how professionals. Elijah and Gwendolyn Ajayi are experienced real estate investors. Their primary investing experience is within single family residential properties. Mr. Ajayi has over ten years of experience in real estate and made his first purchase in 2005. He quickly learned about the real estate business with the purchase and the resale in 2006. 

Elijah Ajayi

Elijah attended several real estate seminars, studied multiple books and figured out a way to use limited personal funds to acquire investment properties. He successfully manages rental properties and purchased a fourth property in 2014 which needed cosmetic upgrades and repairs. He later sold the property one month later. This would not have been possible without the team of professionals he managed to acquire over the years. Elijah managed to maintain great relationships with an HVAC technician, painter, electrician, carpenter and several other real estate technicians to help reduce costs.

Gwendolyn Ajayi

Gwendolyn has an eye for finding the hidden potential in homes and bringing them back to life to appeal to the masses. She also has a marketing degree and extensive experience in interior design. She's a native to Atlanta and knows these city streets like she built them. Elijah and Gwen's combined experiences along with their team of Realtors bring the most powerful team of investors Atlanta will soon get to know.